Dragon Quest Builders 2 features multiple types of rooms. A room’s walls (known as the boundary in the game) must be at least two blocks high. The size of the room is another important factor.

The rooms come in five sizes:

  • Tiny is 2×2 or 4 to 15 square blocks.
  • Small is 4×4 or 16 to 35 square blocks.
  • Room is 6×6 or 36 to 63 square blocks.
  • Large is 8×8 or 64 to 99 square blocks.
  • Enormous is 10×10 or 100 to 150 square blocks.
Image via Square Enix

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The room’s purpose is reliant on the size, so pay attention when NPCs tell you what size and ambiance they want. Using different materials in a room can achieve a different ambiance.

Here are the materials and ambiance:

  • Standard is achieved through basic building blocks (i.e., dirt)
  • Cute is achieved through mascot or colored blocks
  • Cool is achieved through metal and shiny blocks
  • Natural is achieved through wood blocks and straw materials
  • Romantic is achieved through heart-shaped materials
  • Special is achieved through unique blocks

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