Our Dota Underlords Hotkeys List features a look at some of shortcuts you can use to more quickly navigate the game and get your Heroes onto the board and in the position for victory! The hotkeys are currently not listed within the menus, so this guide should help provide you with the ones you need to know.

This guide was built with some help from this Reddit post!

Update: Valve has now added an area of the options where you can edit keys!

Hero Shop Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • Q Key (*) – Locks Heroes in the shop.
  • R Key (*) – Refresh Heroes in shop.
    • This costs 2 gold each time.
  • T Key (*) – Purchases experience.
    • This costs 5 gold each time.
  • Spacebar – Opens or closes the Hero Shop.
  • 1-5 Number Keys –  Purchases Hero in that position.

(*) Works while the shop is closed.

Menu Panel Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • I Key – Items Panel
  • O Key – Damage Stats Panel
  • P Key – Alliances Panel
  • U Key – Opens Items Panel but with an item automatically selected. You can use the arrow keys to move up and down. The Enter key puts you into equip mode, and you can then use the arrows keys to select a Hero to equip the item to.
  • Mouse Wheel – Scrolls through the different Panels.

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During Combat Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • A/S Key – Swaps the view of the board from yours and your opponents.

Hero Hotkeys & Shorcuts

  • W Key – Moves selected Hero to the bench.
  • E Key – Sells selected Hero.
  • Right Mouse Button – Moves selected Hero to location your cursor is over.
  • Arrow Keys – Select Heroes on the board. Enter selects the hero, Arrow Keys to move it, Enter again to place it.

General Hotkeys & Shortcuts

  • Y Key – Opens Emote wheel.
    • Allows you to display a message to your opponents from a limited pool of options.
  • 1-3 (4) Keys – Selects available Item in that slot (4 w/Embarrassment of Riches Global Item).
  • F1 Key – Shows your board.
  • Tab Key – Shows the next player going from top to bottom based on your current player selection.
  • Number Pad Keys – Shows the player in that position.

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