Dota 2 probably has the largest arsenal of heroes you can pick from compared to any other game. Each of these heroes their its own unique skillsets and offers a very unique gameplay experience. Moreover, the hero meta in Dota keeps evolving with each update, making hero choices very difficult. That said, here are our picks for the best Dota heroes with respect to the five different positions in the game.

Dota 2 Best Heroes Position Wise

Carry (Position 1)

Heroes in this position receive the highest farm priority in Dota 2. As the name of the position suggests, Carry heroes usually have a high damage output. These heroes are usually dependent on gold, allowing them to build their items quicker. As per the current meta, the best heroes are as follows:

  1. Wraith King: He’s one of the best carry heroes in the current meta. Not only can Wraith King deal heavy damage, he’s got a huge health pool as well. His Critical Strike ability can enhance his damage numbers, while his Wraithfire Blast can help hunt down enemies easily. Finally, Wraith King’s ultimate ability, Reincarnation, allows him to spawn wherever he dies on the map after a short delay. All these abilities combined make Wraith King a very deadly hero.
  2. Luna: Luna is one of the evergreen heroes in the Dota 2 meta. Many players favor Luna because of her abilities which allow her to begin farming quite early in the game. Interestingly enough, Luna can dish out magical damage as well, making her a very versatile hero.
  3. Juggernaut: If played correctly, Juggernaut can be one of the most annoying carry heroes you will encounter in Dota 2. His Blade Fury and Omnislash abilities have made him one of the most powerful heroes in the current meta. Blade Fury grants magic immunity to the hero, and Omnislash makes him disappear from the field of battle altogether, dishing out immense damage to anyone caught in the range of these attacks.

Mid-Lane (Position 2)

This position is probably one of the most versatile positions in the game. Heroes that fall under position 2 are equally dependent on gold and XP. These heroes usually perform well in 1v1 situations and are responsible for winning the mid-lane encounters for their teams.

  1. Huskar: If you ever face off against a Huskar, there’s a high chance that you will have a hard time winning the game. Huskar receives bonus health regen, magic resistance, and attack speed from Berserker’s Blood. He can also push back enemy heroes while disarming them with his Inner Fire ability. Quite a deadly combination if you know how to play your cards right.
  2. Sniper: Sniper is a hero that can turn the tides in a game without even stepping into the action. His abilities allow him to pick off enemies from a distance. Snipers can also begin farming quite early on in the game as well. With a well-rounded build, Sniper can easily decimate the enemy mid-lane hero without breaking a sweat.
  3. Templar Assassin: You haven’t played enough of Dota 2 if a Templar Assassin hasn’t bullied you during a match. This hero can farm quite easily with her Psi Blades, allowing her to build quickly during a match. However, farming isn’t her only strong suit. Her Meld ability, if used correctly, can deal enormous damage to enemies, making her one of the most versatile position 2 heroes.

Off-Lane (Position 3)

Heroes in this position usually have a tank-like nature, allowing them to survive even in tough spots. Off-lane heroes are usually responsible for pushing through the enemy defenses, thanks to their tanking capabilities.

  1. Necrophos: Necrophos recently received a buff in Dota 2. With his reworked ultimate ability, Reaper’s Scythe now grants a permanent health and mana regen every time he kills an enemy hero with his ultimate. Moreover, Necrophos can help heal teammates with his Death Pulse ability. Overall, Necrophos can double up as a hero that can push lanes and be effective during team fights as well.
  2. Death Prophet: Death Prophet has had a weird run off late. Although Death Prophet was essentially a mid-lane hero, she’s widely used as an off-lane hero for now. Her Crypt Swarm ability allows her to easily push lanes, while her Spirit Siphon ability makes her an asset in team fights.
  3. Axe: Axe made it to the meta after his recent ability rework. For every hero that Axe takes down with his Culling Blade ability, he receives a permanent armor bonus. Overall, Axe does have a large health pool, making him a versatile tank hero. His reworked Battle Hunger ability now allows him to be more aggressive than before.

Soft Support (Position 4)

Soft support heroes are responsible for maintaining lane control by pulling in the jungle creeps. They’re also responsible for banking in those early game kills in Dota 2. Moreover, their abilities allow them to exert additional pressure on enemy towers during the early stages of the game.

  1. Omniknight: Omniknight has heals and dispels at his disposal, allowing him to make game-saving moves in Dota 2. He can heal allies with his Purification ability, and dispel debuffs with Heavenly Grace. His ultimate, Guardian Angel, prevents all his allies from taking any physical damage while the buff is active.
  2. Mirana: Mirana is one of the go-to heroes when it comes to the soft support position. She can roam around the map quite easily and can snipe enemies with the Sacred Arrow ability. And if you hit the right notes, you can easily harass enemies with her  Moonlight Shadow ultimate ability.
  3. Weaver: If you don’t get creeped out by spiders, then you could pick Weaver as your soft support hero. You can easily harass enemy heroes with The Swarm and Geminate Attack. Most importantly, whenever you’re in a sticky situation, use Weaver’s ultimate, Time Lapse, to rewind time and escape.

Hard Support (Position 5)

Hard support heroes are mainly dependent on their item and ability levels. Unlike the Position 1 hero, the hard support is least dependent on farming. However, they’re also responsible for purchasing consumables for the entire team. Although it looks like a very boring role, hard support heroes are usually the backbone of the team.

  1. Treant Protector: Treant Protector can be quite brutal during the initial laning phases. Leech Seed and Nature’s Grasp combined with high right-click damage, are the perfect harassing tools in the lane. Not only can Treant Protector heal allies anywhere on the map, it can also heal towers. Last but not least, his ultimate, Overgrowth, is interesting in team fights since it can pierce through spell immunity.
  2. Jakiro: Jakiro is a very interesting hard support hero. It has abilities that can also slow enemy heroes, which is extremely useful when it comes to setting up ganks during a game.
  3. Ogre Magi: Ogre Magi is one of the strongest hard supports in Dota 2 right now. His abilities Ignite, Fire blast, and  Blood lust, make him a strong harasser in the lane.

This is our tier list for the current meta. However, feel free to try the other heroes that the game has to offer. As mentioned before, each hero is very unique so you never know which hero works out for you.

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