If you are wondering if Tribes of Midgard will support cross-play at launch, the answer is a yes. In short, Tribes of Midgard will support cross-play up to 10 players across PlayStation 5/4 and PC. 

The game will also feature extensive coop multiplayer features where players will need to work together to defend a village from giants and other creatures. 

That said, you can find pre-order Tribes of Midgard right now on both Steam and the Playstation store, and the game will release on July 27th. But what exactly is Tribes of Midgard, and what features does the game have?

Well, to start, the main premise is that the game is a combination of elements of both ARPG titles such as Diablo with that of survival crafting base-building experience with one huge catch. Unlike other survival titles, players will need to only manage one survival bar called the Seed of Yggdrasil. 

Seed of Yggdrasil is basically a huge tree that players will need to protect and acts as the game’s only survival bar. So to protect the tree, they will need to build defenses and defend the town against monsters such as giants.

Feature-wise, Tribes of Midgard will have dungeons, crafting, and even seasonal events that will bring new challenges and chances to earn powerful loot. 

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