Super Robot Wars 30 is a tactical RPG with a host of depth and difficulty. There are also tonnes of secrets and unique interactions depending on which units you use for each mission. As a result, a game replay is also essential to see everything there is to offer.

Fortunately, that’s where Super Robot Wars 30’s New Game+ mode comes in. The NG+ modes in previous games carried over a percentage of your earned credits and tactical points, with each subsequent clear increasing that percent. 

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In Super Robot Wars T, the most recent game before SRW, the first NG+ playthrough carried over 50% of your Credits and Tactical Points, 75% the second run, and 100% the third. It is likely Super Robot Wars 30 copies this system.

However, what doesn’t carry over are Special Skills, Parts, Attacks, or unlocks like that. Units that are only unlocked by the story may not be available also. You’ll have to unlock any learned attacks or parts picked up from missions again in your new game+ playthrough.

Luckily, with a huge amount of extra tactical points, credits, and other currencies, as well as any bonuses you might have for pre-ordering or Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, secondary and later playthroughs will be a breeze.

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