Soulstone Survivors is a bullet hell action RPG that takes inspiration from Vampire Survivors. Each run sees you creating powerful builds with your characters and taking on five Lords of the Void. With each run being set to end after defeating the fifth lord, you may be wondering if there is an endless mode in Soulstone Survivors.

Is there an endless mode in Soulstone Survivors?

There is no definitive answer for whether Soulstone Survivors will have an infinite mode. However, a community manager did state in a Steam discussion, “An endless mode is a very requested feature from the community and it is very likely to happen but it would come post release as a content update patch.” So while there is no concrete answer, the developer is aware that this feature is highly requested.

An endless mode would allow for even more crazy builds in Soulstone Survivors and truly test the strength of your builds against an endless wave of enemies. It would also let you keep the action going when you have created a particularly fun build.

As there is no absolute answer or timeline, it is hard to say if an endless mode will be added and when this will be. Still, it is a highly requested feature, not only in Soulstone Survivors but also in Vampire Survivors. An infinite mode would go a long way toward solidifying and increasing Soulstone Survivors’ player base.

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