If you are a fan of farming sims, then it’s only natural that you would find yourself attracted to Rune Factory 5. It has everything you could want, from intricate characters to a fishing system. You have probably heard that it’s closer to an RPG and may be wondering if it has combat.

Yes, Rune Factory 5 has a rather deep combat system. The main story of the game is tied to exploring dungeons, just like previous games in the series. You will also need to venture into combat zones to tame monsters like the Wooly if you want to have access to items like wool.

There are seven different types of weapons that you can use in the game and several different party memebers that you can team up with. There is even a Rune Ability system that you will need to master in order to do powerful attacks.

The game does have different difficulty settings, so if you’re not comfortable or intrested in harder combat, try the easiest setting. In previous Rune Factory games, it wasn’t hard to keep yourself moving through fights as long as you made the proper preparations beforehand.

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