If you are wondering if Project Zomboid has an ending, the answer is no. Project Zomboid does not feature a main storyquests, or anything that would have an ending. Because of this, the current game exists as an open sandbox experience where players make their own stories.

However, this won’t always be the case, as we will see the game take on a new end game with more updates. According to a blog post back in January, Project Zomboid will eventually get NPCs and a crafting expansion. 

This crafting expansion will offer many alternative routes for getting items and resources that will become scarce over time. The crafting expansion will also lay the groundwork for players to create communities similar to Medieval communities with other players. 

Eventually, NPCs will add and bring many new systems similar to those found in Rimworld. These systems will also include unique story events, group behavior systems, and possibly the ability for these NPCs to drive cars. 

But it’s important to note that we won’t see any of these systems for a while and will arrive in later updates. That said, with the arrival of these systems and new content, the endgame will potentially shift from just survival to community building. 

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