Become the bullet hell in Soulstone Survivors, a roguelike bullet hell experience. It offers a variety of characters to choose from as you defeat wave after wave of enemies. With Soulstone Survivors receiving a demo during the Steam Next Fest, you may be wondering if your progress will carry over to Soulstone Survivors’ release.

Will save date from the Soulstone Survivors demo transfer to full release?

All data and progress from the demo for Soulstone Survivors would transfer over to the full release on November 7, 2022. This means you can continue to play Soulstone Survivors demo and rest easy, knowing all your progress and unlockables will be in the early access release.

The Soulstone Survivors demo is a great way to test the game out for yourself and get an early look at it. By playing the demo, you can decide if Soulstone Survivors is the right game for you. Having your progress transfer and carry over is just an added bonus.

Soulstone Survivors has held a few demos before release, and this one will end on October 12, 2022. So if you are looking to try the title out, we recommend getting in now and seeing what the hype is about for yourself.

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