Omega Strikers combines fast-paced air hockey gameplay with a hero-style brawler, creating a thrilling and competitive experience. With over ten characters and various mechanics to learn, Omega Strikers can be challenging for newcomers to pick up. This may leave you wondering if there is a single-player or practice mode in Omega Strikers.

Is there a single-player practice mode in Omega Strikers?

There is no single-player mode of any kind in Omega Strikers, including a practice mode. Without a dedicated single-player mode or practice mode, the only way to learn a character is to play them against other players. We recommend using Unranked as a way to practice a character and your shooting skills.

Are there bots in Omega Strikers?

There are no bots in Omega Strikers, only human players. You might think there are bots, as sometimes you will see a player with the name of the character. These are not bots but rather players who have turned off their names.

There is an option in the settings to hide your name or the names of other players. This will remove that player’s name and replace it with the character’s name. So if you are not seeing player names, either you or they have this option turned on.

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