If you are wondering if New World has PvP, does answer is yes. In short,  New World will feature a ton of PvP game modes and systems that revolve around PvP.

Players will also be able to wage war and claim large amounts of territory for their faction. In addition, players can fight in massive siege battles for various control point forts, as well.

There will be a fort or control point in each region in the game, and these will provide both territory and global rewards for the faction that claims them. The end result of this is a considerable incentive to claim these forts; thus tons of PVP mayhem will ensue. 

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In fact, when rival players are assaulting a control point fort, the server will send a region-wide message alerting players that the point is being contested. The result of this will be even more pvp as players are sure to respond to the alert to defend or help take the point. This is further helped by the fact the status of each fort on a map will be visible on the world map.

Another PVP mode is Outpost rush, and in this mode, 20 vs 20 players will battle it out, build up outposts, and complete various objectives. Each team on the map will have a fort opposite of each other on the map, and between them will be three outposts.

They will need to capture these outposts by standing inside their control points to gain a series of points to win the match. The first team to reach 1k points will win, and players can earn points by killing other players or claiming the outposts.

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