Fans of the original Pokemon Snap are currently wondering about the multiplayer offerings the new game has. That said, find out everything about the Pokemon Snaps multiplayer mode below. 

Will Pokemon Snap have a Multiplayer mode?

If you were wondering if New Pokemon Snap has a multiplayer mode, the answer is yes, as it has already been confirmed to be a feature of a certain extent in the game. However, the exact details of how it will work are still unknown, but it will most likely be some sort of co-op, as the eshop listing for the game lists it as having online play through Nintendo Switch Online. Hopefully, this means players will be able to join game worlds and ride around in the same vehicle and snap some pics of Pokemon together.

Yet again, full-on co-op does pretty unlikely due to the nature of the game, so we will have to wait to play the game for ourselves or wait for more information to be released regarding the online offerings of New Pokemon Snap.

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However, our guess would be that the online mode will be some sort of community-focused hub where players can share pictures with one another. It might also include image sharing with freinds and maybe special rewards for interaction with the community. But it is still too early to tell, so hopefully Nintendo will release some more info on the subject soonish. 

You can preorder New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch on April 30th, 2021. For more on Pokemon, we recommend checking out both How to Get the Upgrade Item in Pokémon Go and How to Get Metal Coat in Pokémon Go.

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