MultiVersus is Warner Bros. and Player First Games’ multiplayer platform fighter with a focus on duos. This frantic team-based gameplay leads to loads of fun with your friends. Playing together is a great way to build up strategy and synergy. But this may leave you wondering if there is an in-game voice chat in MultiVersus.

Is there voice chat or game in MultiVersus?

The answer is no—there is no in-game voice chat or game chat for MultiVersus. This means you will have to rely on third-party software, such as Discord, to communicate with your friends if playing on PC. Unlike PC players, those playing on consoles can use the in-system party and voice chat to communicate.

With an emphasis on 2v2 gameplay, it seems like a missed opportunity not to include voice chat in MultiVersus. The game is in open beta, so it is possible this feature will be implemented on release. At the same time, MultiVersus does restrict features based on the age you enter, so it may be intentional not to include voice chat in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus also features a dedicated 1v1 game mode, which means you do not have to rely on voice chat while playing solo. But this doesn’t help those who prefer playing with a partner. With luck, voice chat will be implemented so partners can play without having to launch additional software to communicate.

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