Moonbreaker is developer Unknown Worlds’ take on the digital table-top experience releasing on PC. You can build and paint your army of miniatures to create your desired strategy and look. With a PC release, you may be wondering if you can use a controller in Moonbreaker.

Is there controller support in Moonbreaker?

The answer is yes—there is controller support. Moderators and developers confirmed this on the official Moonbreaker Discord. But, it was warned that “Controller support is in an experimental state and being worked on” and that it should be avoided for the time being.

As Moonbreaker is a PC-only strategy game, using a mouse and keyboard may be the easier setup. This will allow you to make more precise movements and ensure you do not miss click. That being said, there are those who prefer a controller, so Unknown Worlds is working on adding properly-functioning controller support.

Until this is added, it is likely best to follow the developer’s recommendation of avoiding the controller. You can join the Moonbreaker Discord or follow Moonbreaker on Twitter for updates regarding controller support.

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