Loop Hero was released for PC on Steam on March 4, 2021, to overwhelming support. Since its initial release, this tactical roguelike has also been released on the Nintendo Switch. As a result, players may be wondering if the PC version will get controller support.

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Currently, there is no controller support for Loop Hero on PC. However, in a Steam discussion post, the developers stated that controller support for PC is coming and would be added after the Nintendo Switch release in a big update.

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The mouse completely controls Loop Hero’s gameplay on PC. The left click is used to place tiles, equip items, and more, while the right click is needed to pause time and enter planning mode. With such a simple control scheme, some may question why controller support is necessary.

Those who play on PC and use a TV or prefer to sit further from their computer would benefit from controller support. The Nintendo Switch release proves that Loop Hero is perfectly suited for controller inputs and could be added to the PC version. Overall, having more control options makes the game all the more accessible.

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