Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games of 2022, and the first game was an easy Trophy hunt for those interested in boosting their level and gaining another Platinum Trophy for their collection. One make-or-break decision for many trophy hunters is the inclusion of trophies depending on a particular difficulty setting in campaign games like Horizon, but will users need to turn up the challenge in this game?

Horizon Forbidden West does not have Trophies locked behind a difficulty setting. Players can play this highly-anticipated sequel in their preferred mode with more settings thanks to Horizon’s improved accessibility options that allow users to tweak different encounter types for a personalized experience.

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While the difficulty level doesn’t influence trophies, some more challenging Trophies in Horizon Forbidden West require exemplary performance. Users will need to earn a Quarter Stripe in each of the game’s Hunting Grounds, for example, which may take a bit of practice to achieve.

For more on Horizon Forbidden West’s Accessibility Features, be sure to visit the official post from PlayStation Blog below:

Accessibility features in Horizon Forbidden West

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