GRID Legends boasts its single-player and multiplayer features, but what about co-op? The single-player is wrapped around a story, and the multiplayer is filled with player vs. player (PVP) races.

That means there will be no local co-op in the game, including the absence of co-op in multiplayer.

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Players can still simulate the feel of co-op by creating a party and playing together. Players can still talk to each other and plan out being in the same races. Players will still need to race against each other, but that’s because racing is the game’s main point. The multiplayer is cross platform so players don’t need to own the game on the same platform.

That includes being able to play 130 tracks and drive 100 vehicles. GRID Legends will replicate real-life circuits like Brands Hatch and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Additionally, the street circuits will be held in cities like Paris, London, San Francisco, and Moscow.

It will be possible to create custom races for the first time, including custom routes, obstacles, vehicle restrictions, and rules. The cars include touring cars, stadium trucks, drift cars, semi-trailers, or even electric vehicles racing against each other on street circuits, in ovals, or off-road races.

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