Ghost Hunters Corp makes use of microphone capabilities similar to a game called Phasmotobia, so if you were wondering if Ghost Hunters Corp uses your microphone, the answer is yes.

Ghost Hunters Hunters Corp features Speech Recognition which allows ghosts in the game to react to your real-life voice through your microphone. Features like exorcising ghosts will also require the use of the microphone in order to work.

That said, if you want to check to see if your microphone is working so you can use it, you can do so via the options menu and during the tutorial.

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Doing so is highly recommend as you won’t be genuinely able to get immersed by how creepy it is to have a ghost react to your voice and respond to the actions you do.

For example, if you start an exorcism on a ghost, there’s a high chance it won’t like that and will react accordingly, like trying to fight you and kill you.

It’s a fascinating scenario to find yourself in. For example, picture yourself trying to read a passage to banish a ghost while it is on-screen in front of you, visibly annoyed and murderous. Truly fascinating, and so we highly recommend getting your microphone to work, so you to can experiencing something similar.

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