One of the best things about playing Genshin Impact is that you have several different platforms to choose from. Genshin Impact is available on PC, Ios, Android, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5. With Nintendo Switch support set to come in the future, you may be wondering if crossplay and cross save is possible.

Whether you’re playing on mobile and are looking for a way to play the game for longer or are going on vacation and want to take Genshin with you, cross save is an important topic. Once you make your account through MiHoYo, you will be able to log in on any platform and start playing in the exact spot you left off.

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If you have friends that are playing on different platforms, then you don’t need to worry either. All instances of Genshin Impact are crossplay, meaning that if your friend is on mobile and you are on PC, you can still play together.

There is even an option in your settings, that allows you to choose to only play with others on your platform. When Genshin Impact comes out for Nintendo Switch, these features are expected to extend to the new platform.

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