In RPGs, and especially JRPGs, it’s common to have New Game+, a game mode that restarts the story upon first completion. It usually includes new features and allows you to carry over items or skills. With Endwalker having been out for several months, players are naturally curious whether Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has New Game+.

The short answer is that Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s New Game+ hasn’t been released yet. In Final Fantasy XIV, the New Game+ mode is a kind of replay system that lets you teleport back to a point earlier in the game’s story. To access this, select the Duty option in the menu and navigate to New Game+. Playing the game through this mode allows you to relive the story but won’t grant experience or rewards for completing quests.

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However, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s MSQs (Main Scenario Quests) haven’t been added to the New Game+ system yet. Usually, MSQs are not added to New Game+ until a new story patch has finished. This means we’ll likely have to wait until after the release of the 6.1 patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s story to be added to New Game+. 

But if you’re looking for post-game content, there’s plenty to choose from in Endwalker. The large number of side quests offer story insights beyond the MSQs. The first series of Raids expands the story of Elpis and the Ancients. And as a last resort, you can always level up an alternative character and play through the story again yourself!

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