In Final Fantasy XIV, Deep Dungeons are a unique piece of content wherein players battle through multiple levels of a randomly generated dungeon. This roguelike experience starts players off at level one. They must level up, collect items, and navigate the dungeons Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High. But does the game’s latest expansion, Endwalker, have a Deep Dungeon?

The short answer is no. Currently, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker doesn’t have a Deep Dungeon. The most recent Deep Dungeon content is still Heaven on High, released during Stormblood. This content allows you to level your character up to 70 in the Deep Dungeon.

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However, hope remains that we will see new Deep Dungeon content in the near future. It’s been a full expansion since the last release. And since then, we’ve seen Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High increase in popularity, both as Solo content and as part of the grind for Relic Weapons.

In a recent Live Letter, Final Fantasy XIV’s Director and Producer, Naoki Yoshida, hinted that there was a huge amount of content still to come in Endwalker. With it’s recent surge in popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a Deep Dungeon added to Endwalker later in the expansion’s lifecycle.

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