Players are currently wondering if the saga boss Fenrir has a special weakness in Tribes of Midgard, the answer is no.

In stark contrast to most monsters and bosses in Tribes of Midgard, Fenrir does not have any particular weakness to any type of weapon element. 

Because of this, instead of focusing on using a unique weapon element, players will just need to grab their strongest weapon and use it on him, which is a good thing. 

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This is good because any of the game’s weapons can be used on Fenrir, thus diversifying the kinds of damage output and abilities that can be used on Fenrir.

So if you want to use the best bow and the best sword in the game, it can be done, and you won’t suffer any damage reductions. 

Helpful Tips For Beating Fenrir in Tribes of Midgard

  • Stock up on Potions to heal when you take damage.
  • Craft the Best Armor in the game to protect and reduce the amount of damage you take from Fenrir.
  • Craft the Best Weapons in the game to help deal the most damage you can to the Saga Boss.
  • Make arrows and have at least one bow using when fighting Fenrir. Make sure to have the bow user holding shift for more damage.
  • Hide underneath Fenrir to avoid attacks and deal tons of damage – be warned he will sometimes do an AOE attack to flush you out.

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