Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires follows a similar formula to the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms game. There has been an Empires release for each Dynasty Warriors installment since Dynasty Warriors 4.

Dynasty Warriors Empires will not have co-op or multiplayer. It is a single-player game, unlike almost every main installment of Dynasty Warriors.

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A recent interview on 4Gamer has led to speculation that there will be multiplayer or co-op. In the interview, Akihiro Suzuki, the Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires producer, talks about multiplayer and cooperative modes. The part of the interview where multiplayer was discussed is about the Dynasty Warriors mobile game, not Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires.

The biggest difference between Dynasty Warriors and the Empires versions is the exclusion of multiplayer. It is because Empires is much more focused on the player character than the overarching story. Players who choose to play the Empires versions of the game can create their own history of China’s Three-Kingdoms period.

Since Empires is a role-playing game, the developers probably avoided adding multiplayer to avoid complications with diplomacy, marriage, and other aspects.

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