If you are wondering if Dying Light 2 has multiple endings, the answer is yes. In short, a developer of Dying Light 2 has indicated that the game has more than one ending in an interview with wccftech. In this interview, the developers stated that there are a set number of endings. 

However, the developer did not reveal the exact amount of the endings, so we can’t be certain about it until we get closer to release.

On the other hand, It’s worth noting that a while back, a leaker called wrzesien24 on Reddit posted information in a now-removed post that indicated that there were allegedly a total of five endings in Dying Light 2. But it’s important to note that this was from a leaker and so can not be taken at face value. 

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Leaks in general have often been proven false in the past, so we recommend taking this one with a grain of salt. But if the leak made by user wrzesien24 is proven true, it could make sense with how the game is said to have 500 hours of content. If Dying Light 2 has this amount of content, some of these hours could potentially include around five endings. 

But this is purely speculation, and the leaks are still leaks. Because of this, nothing can be sure regarding the number of endings until we hear from the developers themselves.

Hopefully, we will hear something that will shed light on the number of multiple endings as the game approaches its Feb. 4 release date.

For more on Dying Light 2, stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming week and months before release. 

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