One major aspect of survival games is thirst. This is true of Breakwaters, Soaring Pixels Games’ action-adventure game. Players have a thirst meter as well as a hunger meter. Survival games handle thirst in different fashions and players may be wondering if drinking water instantly recovers thirst or restores it over time.

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The answer is that it instantly recovers thirst. Upon drinking water, the player’s thirst meter will instantly recover based upon the type of water. This can be found in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. It is the blue circle that has the water drop on it.

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Depending on what item you consume for water, it will restore a different amount of thirst. You can see this value in your inventory by hovering over the item. You can also see the bar refill. Keeping this bar full is crucial to your survival. With the bar instantly refilling as you drink, you do not have to wait for your thirst to refill.

To drink water, you can simply press the number key for the slot the water is in. The same water item can be stacked. Drinking water is very fast so you can rapidly press the button and quickly refill your thirst bar in seconds.

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