Because Deathloop hinges on a recurring time loop for story and gameplay mechanics, players might be a bit confused about how saving works in the game, but the game does its best to break down the process.

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Deathloop saves progress automatically when entering missions, leaving missions and when players change their loadout. The orange and green circle icon that rotates on the outer rim of the screen is an indicator of the saving process. Please don’t turn the game off while it is autosaving, as it could cause issues with the data or make players lose precious progress.

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Even when players are killed and restart the level there, players retain their story progress, though they lose their weapon load-outs, and the loop is restarted. This means any dead targets are immediately reanimated, and Colt will have to start his mission from the beginning with the extra knowledge he’s acquired.

Learning from deaths is an integral part of tackling the 8 Visionaries hiding out in Blackreef, so if at first, you don’t succeed, die, die again.

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