Decisions upon decisions upon decisions. Tower of Fantasy is filled with them and many of them come down to character creation and customization. However, sometimes a choice is made before even getting into the game and it impacts things in unexpected ways. In cases like Mass Effect, your gender determines your romance options. Does the same hold true in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy – Pointlessly Gendered?

Fortunately, gender makes no difference in Tower of Fantasy. No matter what you identify as or choose to make within the post-apocalyptic wonderland of Aida, the story will remain the same as you make your way through it. You can be the tiniest of anime boys or the biggest and beefiest waifu and the world will unfold before you in the same fashion.

It’s a smart move in that nothing is held back because of an arbitrary choice. This is doubly true in the case of Tower of Fantasy’s curious stance on character deletion. Finally, if the story were impacted by gender, it would get awkward and confusing real fast the second a player changed their character’s gender halfway through the game.

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