Since Biomutant is a single-player game, many of us that are waiting have some important questions before we purchase it. First and foremost: Does Biomutant have New Game Plus?

As of May 8, just over two weeks before the official release, we finally have the answer and it’s good news! The Tweet below has a reply from the game’s creator, Stefan Ljungqvist. It’s short and sweet, and provides us with the needed confirmation that we can now reliably expect Biomutant to have NG+ (New Game Plus).

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For those of us unaware, NG+ is a way to start a new game from the beginning of the story after you’ve already beaten it. However, when you start it again, you’ll have the equipment and character stats of your previous game.

NG+ opens the door to explore alternative paths and story endings that you didn’t get to see the first time you played.

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