Final Fantasy XIV is one of the world’s biggest MMORPG games to date with over 500 hours of content and over 30 million players. The game is playable on Playstation consoles, and you do not even need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to access online features.

Is Final Fantasy XIV free-to-play on PlayStation consoles?

Typically, to play an online game on PlayStation, you would need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to connect to the online services. This is not the case for Final Fantasy XIV. Players are not required to have PlayStation Plus, as there is already a subscription required to play the game itself. Therefore, in order to avoid forcing players to pay two separate subscriptions for one game, Square Enix and Sony came to the agreement that PS Plus would not be required.

Square Enix also offers a free trial for the game. This means that you can play the game without a monthly fee up to level 60 with no time limit. You will be able to progress through the main game’s story and all the way through Heavensward, the game’s first expansion. This means that, technically, Final Fantasy XIV is completely free-to-play on both PS4 and PS5 up until level 60.

However, the full game itself is not considered free-to-play. If you are not eligible for the free trial, or you are already past level 60, then you will need to pay the standard monthly subscription price of either $12.99 USD or $14.99 USD, depending on which subscription you choose. You will also need to purchase the other three expansions if you are interested in moving through those.

So there you have it, Final Fantasy XIV is free-to-play up to level 60 with the trial version of the game. However, you will eventually have to pay a monthly fee and purchase other expansions. At least you can take solace in the fact you are not also required to pay for PlayStation Plus just to get some raiding done.

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