Praey for the Gods is an open-world survival game whose main objective is to defeat several giant creatures. Typically this is done by climbing on them to attack their weak points. Each time you defeat a boss, the game assigns you to find and kill another. But you may be wondering if you have the bosses in order.

The answer is no—you do not have to fight bosses in order in Praey for the Gods. While the game will task you with killing the creatures in order as do the achievements list each boss with a number, you are free to fight them in the order you see fit. For instance, we fought the fourth boss, the Dreki, before fighting the Boar, which is the third boss.

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This freedom means the player explores the world without having to backtrack due to being unable to fight the bosses out of order. It also means you can stumble upon a boss without knowing. While you can choose to fight whichever you want, it might be best to stick to the order.

It seems the order in which the bosses are presented is the level of difficulty. For instance, the fourth boss, the Dreki, is the first flying boss you encounter. This fight can be difficult if you are still learning the game’s mechanics.

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