As you explore Aida in Tower of Fantasy, you will come across various enemies, puzzles, resources, and more. One thing you will want to keep your eye out for is Supply Pods. These are round orb-looking chests, typically with a purple or gold glow. Once you claim a Supply Pod, you may be wondering if they respawn in Tower of Fantasy.

Will Supply Pods respawn in Tower of Fantasy?

The answer is no—Supply Pods do not respond in Tower of Fantasy. Once you claim and open a Supply Pod, you cannot return to it and get more rewards. Supply Pods do provide some of the best rewards for chests. Once you get close, Supply Pods will show up on your map, so explore and find them in each region.

On the other hand, Rusted Chests and Password Chest can respawn, allowing you to visit them multiple times. These are more common but do not offer as many rewards as Supply Pods, so open as many of them as you can to maximize your rewards.

Some Supply Pods are time-locked or guarded by a powerful monster. This means you will need to either come back later when the time period has ended or defeat the monster protecting it.

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