Roblox toy codes are extra rewards provided by Roblox for purchasing a physical toy. Each toy comes with a scratch-off code that users can redeem in the game for an exclusive virtual item, which are cosmetic accessories that users can place on their Avatar. As far as we know, Roblox toy codes do not expire.

The Roblox company and Jazwares (the company behind the toys) do not state anything about expired toy codes on their support pages. After checking many toys on various online retailers, we were unable to find anything that stated Roblox toy codes expire if left unredeemed. As such, we are under the impression that toy codes do not expire and are valid for as long as the user holds onto the toy packaging.

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But, users should note that Roblox toy codes may only be redeemed once. After the first redemption, the code will no longer work for another user to redeem. Additionally, if the user already has the virtual item on their account, the toy code may not be redeemed a second time. In that case, we recommend giving the code to a friend who does not already have the virtual item.

In most cases, we recommend to redeem toy codes as soon as possible so as not to forget about the extra virtual item. Since these codes are attached to the sticker located on front packaging, it is easy to misplace the sticker and lose out on the reward.

Toy Codes vs. Promo Codes vs. Game Codes – What’s the Difference?

Toy codes are codes that are only available from purchasing a physical toy. If the user does not own a Roblox toy, then they are unable to redeem Roblox toy codes unless the code has been personally gifted to them.

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There are other codes for free rewards, like Roblox Promo Codes and Roblox Game Codes. Promo codes are codes that are created by the Roblox company and they do expire after a certain amount of time, often after a handful of months.

Game codes are codes created by Roblox developers to provide in-game rewards like currency, power boosts, and exclusive pets. These game codes also expire after a certain amount of time, which is up to the developer’s discretion.

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