There’s no doubt that Horizon Forbidden West is a visually stunning game with a captivating story. After you get to Chainscrape, you will soon come into contact with your first Flashpoint decision. This gives you three different dialogue options to choose from, but will it alter your story?

Your choices will not affect the main story of the game. Instead, they will help you to shape Aloy’s personality and can change interactions with the same character later on. Every Flashpoint decision gives you three ways to respond, with each response having a different dialogue attached to it.

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The biggest perk to the slight changes that your choices bring about is adding some extra lore to the game when you do a second and third playthrough. This allows you to see multiple sides of Aloy, giving you a chance to experience a deeper understanding of her character.

The best way to respond to choices during your first playthrough is by choosing the choices that pique your interest the most or the ones that you think most align with the Aloy you know.

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