You’ve likely seen the advertisements or sponsorships with your favorite YouTuber. RAID Shadow Legends is a mobile game known for its bombardment of marketing campaigns. Which leads many to wonder, who is playing RAID Shadow Legends?

How many people play RAID Shadow Legends?

While it may be trickier to independently verify the amount of monthly active users who play RAID Shadow Legends, a look at mobile app stores confirms many people have at least tried the game once. On the Apple App Store, over 376 thousand people have rated the game. In the Google Play Store, we find that 1.6 million players have given the mobile game a rating. The game has an average rating of 4.6/5 between both application stores. That doesn’t include the online version of RAID Shadow Legends, which doesn’t have a set number of reviews.

Why do people like RAID Shadow Legends?

While many people in the online gaming world are quick to claim that RAID Shadow Legends is not worth checking out due to its alleged pay-to-win nature, it’s obvious that some people are playing the game. Using reviews from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we’ve gathered that there are three main reasons players like RAID Shadow Legends:

  • A customizable and large catalog of characters to play.
  • Arena battles and other battle opportunities that are engaging.
  • A decent amount of automated gameplay makes it a good game for when you cannot give your full attention.

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