One dungeon in Lost Ark that may be giving the player trouble is the King’s Tomb. This is a long dungeon with several bosses, branching paths, and a mysterious lantern that the player can pick up. This may leave them wondering if they need to use the lantern in King’s Tomb.

The answer is no—you do not need to use the lantern. Despite this, we highly recommend you pick up the lantern and use it in this dungeon.

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What does the lantern do in King’s Tomb in Lost Ark?

The lantern in King’s Tomb is a powerful weapon. It has two different abilities that do massive damage, practically one-shotting any enemy. In addition, both abilities have a low cooldown, so they can be used rapidly.

After you receive the lantern, you will be swarmed with large numbers of enemies. The lantern makes defeating these enemies much quicker. King’s Tomb can be a challenging dungeon, but the lantern is a great tool to use if you want to clear it.

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