Trigon: Space Story allows players to teleport crewmates to enemy ships to attack them head-on. When the fight doesn’t go your way, you can always teleport them back, but what happens when they’re still on the enemy’s ship when it explodes?

Our crew has just returned unharmed after testing it. Before the big explosion, they’re teleported back, so they can watch as the enemy ship explodes with you. So don’t worry about leaving your crew on the enemy ship in order to prevent them from repairing rooms.

What happens to enemies on my ship when battles end in Trigon: Space Story?

When enemies are on your ship, and your ship is destroyed, they either die or are imprisoned. After a battle, enemies are automatically imprisoned and put into cryosleep if you own a cryochamber. Like any other enemy you’ve put into cryosleep, these enemies can be sold or traded.

If you can avoid killing enemies while attacking enemy ships, we recommend allowing them to live. A lot of credits are gained from selling prisoners, so it’s worth spending a few extra minutes healing crewmates.

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