If there’s anything that can make us more anxious than a strong-looking monster, it’s dialogue options. This is true even for simple questions like “Help her up?” and more so for graver questions like “Kill the beast?” Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden is a game filled with such options from start to finish, so you may be wondering if any of your choices have consequences down the line.

While none of your choices will truly affect the main story an its ending, some of them have consequences. These consequences are minor most of the time. For example, early into the game, you will come across a weird-smelling perfume on the South Isle. You have the option whether to return it to its owner or not, and your choice will affect… something.

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So if you’re given a weird question, you can think about it a little.

The only dialogue options that don’t have some dire consequence are those you encounter on the overworld. Those are just instances for you to earn more items or money.

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