The open beta for DNF Duel has begun! If you own a Playstation console and an online connection, you will be able to access it for free. Consoles such as PC, Xbox, and Nintendo will not be able to play.

Tests will begin on Dec. 17 and run until Dec. 20 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. PlayStation users can access the open beta for DNF Duel through the PlayStation Store.

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The game is about 2.7GB in size and has ten playable characters. Despite this, there are no training or versus modes to test out – the only option is online player matches.

This weekend, you can try out ten classes from DNF:

  • Berserker
  • Ranger
  • Grappler
  • Striker
  • Hitman
  • Inquisitor
  • Dragon Knight
  • Kunoichi
  • Crusader
  • Vanguard 

In DNF Duel, characters are named after their class archetype rather than having a detailed history.

As part of DNF Duel, Arc System Works, known for Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball Fighterz, is collaborating with Eighting, which developed fighting games such as Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Bloody Roar.

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