There are many reasons you may not want to sit through an entire cutscene, and we understand your eagerness to move on and get back to playing the game. The same can be said for dialogue, which can sometimes go on for too long. Here’s how to speed up both of these in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to skip past Cutscenes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hold down the Esc key on your keyboard to skip over a cutscene in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can fast forward past many of the cutscenes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but not all of them. If using the Esc key doesn’t work, or you don’t see the option to omit it, it likely means that the cutscene is too important to the story to be skipped. For these cutscenes, it’s likely a good idea to watch them through at least once because the details might be relevant later on.

How to speed up Dialogue in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot via Gameloft

Character dialogue cannot be skipped completely while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley. Dialogue is programmed within the game to be experienced and can’t be omitted. What you can do, though, is hasten the words of a character speaking to you. To speed up dialogue in Disney Dreamlight Valley, simply click on the dialogue box. This will cause the sentence on the screen to fully pop up rather than slowly appear as the character speaks.

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