It’s frustrating to pull up a game and launch yourself into another universe, only for that universe to have no internet connectivity. While Dreamlight Valley is supposed to be able to work with the internet, some users are noticing an error state where the game simply failed to connect. Here’s what’s going on and how you can fix the issue.

Why won’t Dreamlight Valley connect?

When servers can’t connect, there are a few aspects of gameplay that will become unavailable. You will not be able to open blue chests, nor will you be able to access cloud saves or the events menu.

Internet connection problems with Dreamlight Valley are usually indicative of server issues. If the game is telling you that you aren’t connected to the internet but you know that internet is working on the rest of your devices, check the Dreamlight Valley official Twitter. Developers for the game are regularly updating their Twitter feeds with news about current bugs and what’s being done to solve the problem.

Fix Dreamlight Valley connection issues

The recommended solution to fix the server issues surrounding Dreamlight Valley is to exit out and reboot the game. While rebooting typically solves the problem for most players, some people will continue to experience server issues on and off while the developers work on fixing the source of the bug.

If you’ve rebooted but are still running into connection problems, know that you can still play the game as normal. The only difference will be that you won’t have access to cloud saves, blue chests, or event menus. Everything else should function as intended – though if they don’t, we have a few tricks up our sleeves on how to solve other Valley bugs as well.

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