Do you love growing crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Whether or not you do, you probably want to know how long all of these crops take to grow. This can help you organize your schedule in-game and make it as efficient as possible. Check out all of the growth times down below!

All Crop Growth Times in Dreamlight Valley


While there are plenty of vegetables that have a short growth time, like Carrots and Bell Peppers, vegetables tend to lean towards longer durations. Pumpkins have the longest growth time of any of the crops at 4 hours. Here’s a comprehensive list of all vegetable growth times:

CropGrowth Time
Asparagus2 hours 15 minutes
Bell Pepper15 minutes
Carrot15 minutes
Chili Pepper45 minutes
Cucumber1 hour 15 minutes
Eggplant3 hours
Leek2 hours
Lettuce3 minutes
Okra2 hours
Onion1 hour 15 minutes
Potato35 minutes
Pumpkin4 hours
Spinach1 hour
Tomato25 minutes
Zucchini40 minutes


Fruits are often found throughout the map in Dreamlight Valley, but they still have set regrowth times even if not in your personal garden. Their times are pretty similar, all being close to about 30 minutes of growth time. Read all fruit crop times below:

CropGrowth Time
Apple20 minutes
Banana23 minutes
Blueberry23 minutes
Cherry33 minutes
Cocoa Bean30 minutes
Coconut33 minutes
Gooseberry40 minutes
Lemon27 minutes
Raspberry17 minutes

Miscellaneous Crops

This list is mostly different grains, but we’ve also included cotton on the list to create a general miscellaneous group that doesn’t include fruits or vegetables. The growth times of these crops vary wildly, going between 1 minute and 1 hour and 30 minutes. Check them all out in the table:

CropGrowth Time
Canola35 minutes
Corn12 minutes
Cotton25 minutes
Rice50 minutes
Soya1 hour 30 minutes
Sugarcane7 minutes
Wheat1 minute

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