Discord is one of the world’s most popular communication platforms across multiple devices. However, as with all technology, sometimes some technical issues can cause the software not to function as intended. Here is what to do if your Discord gets stuck loading.

Often, when Discord gets stuck loading, all you need to do is reset the software. You can do this by closing down the application completely. You can do this by hitting Crtl+Alt+Delete and looking for it in your Task Manager to force it to close down. On mobile, just make sure that the app is completely closed down before reopening. This will fix the issue in most cases, and you will be good to go.

However, if you are still running into a loading problem, there may be a few other causes. First, you can check to make sure that you have a working internet connection. If Discord can’t connect to the internet or has a weak connection, it will not load properly. If you still have the issue after restarting Discord and checking your internet connection, you can also try clearing your Discord cache.

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How to clear Discord cache

Discord’s cache can become built up with data over time and it could lead to causing glitches with the software. It’s best to clear this cache every s often to avoid these issues. Here is how you can clear Discrd’s cache.

How to clear Discord cache on PC

  • Locate Discord in your AppData folder.
  • Within the Discord folder, you will find three folders titled Cache, CodeCache, and GPUCache.
  • You can select these folders and right-click to delete them.
  • Finally, empty your recycle bin by right-clicking on it to fully delete these files from the system.
  • Discord will then remake these folders on its next launch.

How to clear Discord cache on Mobile

  • For Android users, The process is as simple as locating the Discord app in your settings. After tapping on the app, it will pull up the app information page. At the bottom of this page, you will select a button that says Clear Cache. Once you do that, you are good to go.
  • For iPhone users, you will need to delete the Discord app from your phone’s storage. Once the app has been deleted, you can head to the App Store and reinstall it. This will effectively clear Discord’s cache, and all you will need to do is sign back into the app.

If you have tried all of these fixes and none of them are working, then there is a very high chance that the issue is on Discord’s end. To check the status of Discord’s servers, you can visit their server status site. Here they will provide information on if the servers are experiencing issues and estimate how long it will take to get them fixed.

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