Chocobo GP is the upcoming kart racing game from Square Enix and features a roster of characters from the Final Fantasy universe. Players can select some of their favorite characters from the different games in either the Premium or Lite version. But players may be wondering what the difference between the Premium and Lite version of Chocobo GP is.

The Premium version of Chocobo GP is the paid version and will come with all of the content in the game. The Lite version is free, but it lacks content compared to the Premium version. Here is what is included with the Lite version.

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  • Players can play the single-player prologue.
  • Local and online multiplayer.
  • Limited amount of characters.
  • Players can participate in the 64-player knock-out online tournament.
  • Data, items, and in-game currency carry over to the Premium version.

The Premium version is the way to go for hardcore fans of kart racers and the Final Fantasy series. Those on the fence can play a surprising amount of content in the free Lite version. Then, if they enjoy the game, they can upgrade to the Premium version and keep their progress.

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