The 23 missions in Destruction of All Humans! take place in six hub levels. The player has a limited area to traverse through at first but when a mission is completed, the player is granted access to more of the level.

While in a mission, the player is only allowed to stay in their area. If a player elects to free roam instead of taking on a mission, they can access every part of that map.

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Mission NumberMission NameMission Location
1Destination EarthTurnipseed Farm
2Earth Women Are DeliciousRockwell
3Citizen CryptoRockwell
4Alien Pool PartySanta Modesta
5Television of DoomSanta Modesta
6Aliens Stole My Brain StemSanta Modesta
7This Island SuburbiaSanta Modesta
8Teenage Zombies from Outer SpaceRockwell
9South by SouthwestSanta Modesta
10Foreign CorrespondentSanta Modesta
11Suburb of the DamnedSanta Modesta
12Whatever Happened to Crypto-136Area 42
13The Mutant MenaceArea 42
14The Wrong StuffArea 42
15Duck and CoverArea 42
16It’s A Wonderful ArmageddonSanta Modesta
17Furon DownUnion Town
18Mr Crypto Goes to Capitol CityCapitol City
19Armquist vs the FuronsUnion Town
20The Lone GunmanCapitol City
21The Furon FilibusterCapitol City
22Shocking DevelopmentsCapitol City
23Attack of the 50-Foot PresidentCapitol City

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