Xur travels around the galaxy, and each week he sets up shop in a revolving location where he will sell some random exotics. You will find him in a different area each week, so the question is always going to be… where is Xur today? Well, we will have the exact area you can find him in for you as soon as he appears, because he can be pretty hard to locate sometimes. His item selection changes, which will give you a chance to purchase some rare exotic armors, engrams, and weapons that you won’t normally have access to in D2.

Xur’s location for July 9, 2021 is at the Watcher’s Grave on Nessus, in a tree! Head to the Watcher’s Grave landing location and go northwest until you find a large tree that is directly west of the Chamber of Water. You can then parkour your way up the branches to reach Xur.

Check out the video below if you are having trouble finding Xur.

What is Xur Selling Today?

Here’s a look at what Xur is selling in his inventory this week. Why not add a new exotic to your collection?

  • Fighting Lion [29 Legendary Shards – Exotic Grenade Launcher – “I call it the Zhang Fei. It hits almost as hard as I do.” —Wei Ning]
  • The Sixth Coyote [23 Legendary Shards – Hunter Chest Armor – “You wanna use your old name, that’s fine by me. Just don’t tell anyone.” —Micah-10 to Himura Shinobu]
  • Armamentarium [23 Legendary Shards – Titan Chest Armor – For this, there is one remedy.]
  • Wings of Sacred Dawn [23 Legendary Shards – Warlock Chest Armor – There will come a day when the light will never fade.]

Xur’s Previous Inventory

Here’s a look at what Xur was selling last week!

  • The Huckleberry [29 Legendary Shards – Kinetic Submachine Gun – Nothin’ in the world that 30 rounds can’t solve.]
  • Knucklehead Radar [23 Legendary Shards – Hunter Helmet – You can see the point, right? Who wants to team up with one?]
  • Chromatic Fire [23 Legendary Shards – Warlock Chest Armor – “…found them… Crystal Orchards of Dione… requesting backup… coordinates to follow…” —Last transmission of Fireteam Pergamon]
  • Antaeus Wards [23 Legendary Shards – Titan Leg Armor – Do you believe in the Gaiaforms, the energies within planets?]

Who is Xur?

Xur is an Agent of the Nine, who randomly appears in various locations across the solar system. He has a rotating inventory of Exotic armor from all the different classes, which can be purchased for legendary shards. He will also offer One Fated or Exotic Engram each week that can be bought for 97 Legendary Shards! He shows up every Friday at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST after the reset, and will hang around for a total of three days until the Tuesday reset!

General Xur Locations

Xur will generally always be found at one of five locations, which are the following: Winding Cove on EDZ, Barge or in a Tree on Watcher’s Grave in Nessus, and the Hangar at The Tower which is the general social gathering hub.

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