Most of the items offered in the Eververse store are only purchasable with Silver, Destiny’s in-game paid currency. This means that—to buy these items—players must spend real money on them. Every week, however, a small selection of these items will be put on sale for Bright Dust, a currency earnable in-game, giving players a chance to buy these items without shelling out real-world cash. Here are the items available for Bright Dust for the week of March 29, 2022.

Bright Dust Offerings

ItemTypePrice (Bright Dust)
Concentrated MattergemConsumable200
Scavengers BoonConsumable250
Winning StreakExotic Sparrow2,500
Saint’s InvocationExotic Ship2,000
Ketch Flight EntranceLegendary Transmat Effect450
TrinityLegendary Shader300
Wiggle WormExotic Emote3,250
Rover ShellExotic Ghost Shell2,850
SK-1 Multiband RoverExotic Sparrow2,500
Saint’s VocationExotic Ship2,000
Void 3.0 Class-Specific ArmorUniversal Leg Armor Ornament1,200
The LogicWeapon Ornament for The Lament1,250
Splinter ProjectionLegendary Ghost Projection1,500
Bloody ToothLegendary Shader300
Chitin SlateLegendary Shader300
Byzantium LotusLegendary Shader300
Royal TreatmentLegendary Shader300
Hive ArrivalLegendary Transmat Effect450
Plesiohedral StateLegendary Transmat Effect450
Jade Coin EffectsLegendary Transmat Effect450

Those are all items on sale in the Eververse store for Bright Dust this week. These items will be available for purchase until the next weekly reset, which takes place at 1pm ET / 10am PT on April 5, 2022.

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