The latest raid to hit Destiny 2 is the Vow of the Disciple on Saturday, March 5, at 10am PT. Viewers can sign up for email updates via Bungie’s dedicated page and watch through the Destiny 2 page on Twitch.

Racers will have 24 hours to finish the raid in Contest Mode which restricts their loadout and caps the Power level for each fight. The first team to defeat the last boss, collect the loot, and get back to orbit will be declared the winner.

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Bungie will be hosting a watch party at 9:30 PT, with the raid commencing a half-hour later. The competition is sure to be fierce as usual, with upwards of several thousand fireteams competing for the title.

Raids are the pinnacle activity in Destiny 2 and will test players’ endurance, determination, and adaptability. On average, previous races took a dozen hours or more to complete, with some teams going into the 24-hour mark. Not only are the combatants fierce, but with potential new mechanics that must be figured out on the fly, there’s a fair bit of puzzle-solving to be done. Tune-in Saturday to see who emerges victorious.

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