The Inquisitor is a single-slug shotgun that was introduced in Season 18 of Destiny 2. It deals Arc damage and is no slouch in PvE, but truly shines in PvP. Here are the rolls to look out for in either scenario.

How to get The Inquisitor in Destiny 2

The only way to obtain The Inquisitor is to complete challenges in Trials of Osiris.

Best Perks & God Roll for The Inquisitor in Destiny 2

PvE God Roll – The Inquisitor

  • Corkscrew Rifling: Slightly increases range, stability, and handling speed.
  • Assault Mag: Greatly increases stability and increases rate of fire.
  • Subsistence: Defeating targets partially reloads the magazine from reserves.
  • Golden Tricorn: Final blows with this weapon grant bonus damage. While this buff is active, grenade or melee kills of the same damage type greatly increase its damage and duration.
  • Suros Synergy: Reloading grants this weapon bonus handling and reduces incoming flinch for a short time.
  • Range
  • Targeting Adjuster: This weapon gains better target acquisition.

PvP God Roll – The Inquisitor

  • Extended Barrel: Increases range, decreases handling speed, and moderately controls recoil.
  • Accurized Rounds: Increases range.
  • Pulse Monitor: Automatically reloads the magazine and improves weapon handling when wounded – even when this weapon is stowed.
  • Adrenaline Junkie: This weapon gains increased damage and handling from final blows with grenades or with this weapon.
  • Alacrity: Gain increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last living member of your fireteam or running solo.
  • Range
  • Targeting Adjuster: This weapon gains better target acquisition.

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