Rocket Launchers are always interesting in Destiny 2. None of them are terrible at dealing damage, but some are definitely better at it. The Hothead Rocket Launcher is capable of being one of the higher damage Rocket Launchers if it can score the right perks. Here is our pick for The Hothead god roll.

The weapon has a cool design, taking inspiration from WWII bomber planes. It’s even got an old machine gun sight. The weapon is only obtainable from Nightfalls in Season of the Lost. You can snag a guaranteed Adept version of this weapon by taking on a Grandmaster Nightfall. It is uncertain if this weapon will remain in the loot pool for Season 16, so we recommend you farm it while you can.

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PvE God Roll

PvE tends to be very subjective in terms of playstyle, which makes pinpointing an exact God Roll a little more difficult. That being said, The Hothead works best in PvE when it uses perks that raise its damage output.


  • Barrel – Hard Launch
  • Magazine – Impact Casing
  • Trait 1 – Tracking Module / Field Prep
  • Trait 2 – Clown Cartridge / Vorpal Weapon
  • Masterwork – Blast Radius

PvP God Roll

This weapon struggles in PvP. This is not because the weapon is bad, but because rocket launchers are oftentimes never picked over other heavy weapon options. However, with the right build, The Hothead can get the job done for you.


  • Barrel – Quick Launch
  • Magazine – High Velocity Rounds
  • Trait 1 – Quickdraw
  • Trait 2 – Vorpal Weapon
  • Masterwork – Projectile Velocity

The Hothead has quickly become one of the best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2. Due to the weapons Blast Radius Masterwork Perk, Only a few other Rocket Launchers can even compare. Due to the weapon’s high burst damage dominates PvE, destroying red-bar enemies and bosses alike.

Remember that oftentimes God Rolls are subjective and may not reflect everyone’s playstyle. A perfect God Roll will fit all the individual’s needs for it.

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