Solstice is upon us and it’s a time for Guardians to celebrate life and rebirth. Everyone’s favorite space grandma, Eva Levante, has returned to the Tower bearing gifts for all Guardians. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in this year’s revamped activity.

How to start Solstice – Where to get the Solstice Event Card

The upgraded Solstice Event Card can be acquired from the Store tab in the Director or from Eva Levante in the Tower. Whether guardians are using the default or upgraded Event Card, it can be accessed from the Quests tab in the Director.

Upgraded Event Card Rewards

  • Skateboarding – Legendary Emote (10 Event Tickets)
  • Platinum Osprey – Exotic Ship (8 Event Tickets)
  • Peach Spotlight Effects – Legendary Transmat Effect (4 Event Tickets)
  • Bitten Cookie Projection – Legendary Ghost Projection (2 Event Tickets)

Bonfire Bash

Bonfire Bash is the seasonal event for Solstice and can be activated from the Tower. It has several different phases that must be completed for the best rewards.

  • Upon loading in, the Taken will surround the Bonfire in the center of the map. Clear them out and destroy the Interference surrounding the center.
  • Multiple Ignitors will spawn around the map. They will drop orbs upon defeat which must be thrown into the center Bonfire.
  • After a short while, the Ignitors will have had enough. Three more Taken Interference locations will spawn and must be dealt with.
  • Ignitors will reappear. Upon defeating all of them or running out of time, a Taken Heat-Drinker will spawn. Defeat it to receive your justly earned rewards.

Celebrating Solstice Quest

  1. Equip a full set of Candescent armor.
  2. Visit Eva Levante in the Tower.
  3. Complete the Bonfire Bash activity to transform your Silver Leaves into Silver Ash.
  4. Visit Eva Levante in the Tower.
  5. Open your Event Card and claim your first Event Challenge.
  6. Add the Kindling you earned from completing the Event Challenge to any piece of Candescent armor. Doing so will allow you to spend Silver Ash to imbue the armor with Embers to improve it.
  7. Adding Kindling to your Candescent armor has given you the ability to imbue it with Glowing Embers to improve its stats. To do so requires the Silver Ash you acquired from the Bonfire Bash, and can only be done for the armor piece to which you applied the Kindling.
  8. Visit Eva Levante in the Tower.


Eververse is practically lousy with cosmetics this year. From armor sets to emotes and Ghost Shells to Sparrows, there’s something for everyone that is willing to pony up the Silver.

Flamekeeper Seal Triumphs

Completing each of the Triumphs listed below will bestow Guardians with the Flamekeepeer title.

  • Bashing Success
    • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity
  • Good Ignite
    • Defeat Ignition Carriers in the Bonfire Bash
  • Torch the Taken
    • Defeat Taken in the Bonfire Bash
  • Fuel for the Fire
    • Stoke the flames in the Bonfire Bash
  • Ash Tray
    • Collect Silver Ash
  • All Around the Bonfire
    • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity against all combatant races
  • Fuel for the Fire II
    • Stoke more flames in the Bonfire Bash
  • Fuel for the Fire III
    • Stoke even more flames in the Bonfire Bash
  • Like Wildfire
    • Defeat targets anywhere in the system. Defeating Guardians awards bonus progress
  • Pyromania
    • Defeat combatants with Solar abilities
  • Superlative
    • Defeat targets with Super abilities
  • Fire Power
    • Defeat combatants or opposing Guardians with Power weapons
  • Forged in Flame
    • Defeat opposing Guardians in any activity
  • Hand Lighter
    • Defeat targets with Hand Cannons
  • Shotgun Solstice
    • Defeat targets with Shotguns
  • Burn Them Down
    • Defeat bosses anywhere in the system
  • Raking the Coals
    • Complete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves
  • Solstice Jubilee
    • Complete public events on any destination to earn Silver Leaves
  • Lamplighter
    • Complete patrols on any destination to earn Silver Leaves
  • Dare to Dream
    • Complete runs of the Blind Well or dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves
  • Brightfall
    • Complete Vanguard Ips or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves
  • Fires of Competition
    • Complete matches in Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn Silver Leaves
  • A Spark in the Dark
    • Complete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves
  • In the Hot Seat
    • Complete activities within the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves
  • From the Ashes
    • Upgrade multiple pieces of Candescent armor
  • Bonfire Dash
    • Fully stoke the bonfire in the Bonfire Bash activity
  • InCandescent
    • While wearing a set of fully rekindled Candescent armor, complete dungeons, raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win in Trials of Osiris
  • Inextinguishable
    • Complete the Bonfire Bash activity without dying

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